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Barehanded Woodworks is a company that stays true to the craft of hand making unique items. Each piece is designed, shaped, and finished by hand. We strive to make sustainable, eco friendly products that will last a lifetime. A couple principles we live by are tree-to-table, and reclaim-to-fame. Recycling fallen trees and decrepit buildings is one of our heart lines. 


Our design teeters between contemporary, rustic, and raw classics. We intend to provide uncommon products that are conversion pieces. Each and every item has a unique story. The materials that are used may be reclaimed from an 1800s barn that once was the town office, or the live edge slab may be the family tree that you grew up swinging on as a kid. 


Eric Berry

Eric is the founder of Barehanded Woodworks. He established the business in 2020 after spending 2 years working as a furniture builder in San Diego, CA for a company called Ol'Fashioned Lumber. He worked with many notable clients including Jason Mraz, Andy Vargas, Turtle Beach, G|M, Gensler, 707, and the United States Marine Corp. As well as countless breweries and restaurants such as IB Forum, El Tianguis Rolled Taquitos, Attitude Brewing, Ale Smith Brewing, Pure Project, Raglands, Mishmash, Ryan Brothers Coffee, and more.

Eric holds a B.A. in fine arts from the University of Maine at Farmington, with a focus in sculpture and painting. Eric primarily creates installation based works. He has been featured in several galleries around Maine. He has also had a fair amount of success as a graphic designer, and his work has been selected as the cover of A5 magazine in 2018.

Prior to his education Eric built houses on Nantucket Island, furniture for his friends and family, and mastered his woodworking skills through trial and error. Eric is eager to push forward Barehanded Woodworks and create a brand that holds honest, quality products that any walk of life can afford.

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