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Our materials are 100% one-of-a-kind. All of our lumber is different, each piece tells a story in itself. A large majority of our wood is sourced right here in the state of Maine. As for our unique table bases, and specialized items, the material is sourced from around the globe, more often than not, reclaimed and up-cycled. We strive to find rare materials to add an ultra interesting appeal to our already beautiful objects. No item goes unlooked. Each feature of a piece matters greatly to us.  


There are 76 tree species in Maine’s forests, only 20 or so are used commercially for paper, lumber, and furniture. Paper production mainly consist of Spruce, fir and hemlock. Eastern white pine is often used for interior (finish) wood. Cedar for its weathering qualities. And Hardwoods, such as maple, birch, and oak for furniture, and dozens of specialty wood products.

Here at barehanded we use a wide array of wood species; pine, cedar, oak, maple, ash, birch, cherry the list goes on. We are constantly searching for new sources of wood and love the hunt for speciality pieces. A few neighboring lumber yards provide spectacular exotic woods from around the world. If there is a specific wood species you desire we will do our very best to source it for you.

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